SVB's demise has been like a shock to the venture ecosystem, shaking things off dramatically. Both for better and for worse.
The frenzy, the FOMO and the excitement around AI has led a lot of us wondering about the present and the future of AI. Is AI is going to change the…
It did not take long for the markets to get a reality check this year.

February 2023

The second type of wealthy and a luxury giant's record year
Looking at two types of wealthy via BX's and LVMH's recent quarterly results

January 2023

In this hyperconnected society where every debate gets polarised, we forget about the other side of the coin and that there can be a lot of grey in this…

December 2022

My year-end tradition on looking back at what I read over the last 12 months, and a what happened during that period.
The Luxury market has shown resilience and strength in an uncertain macro environment. Doesn’t look like there will be any Ls for Luxury in the short…

November 2022

Its been a fine ride so far building this space. Two years in but still feels like day zero.
Investors have piled onto Meta and Zuck for spending recklessly. While it could have been timed better, I think a lot of it is an imperative, not an…

October 2022

Blackstone has gone from strength to stregth over the last couple of decades. My thoughts on the stock, why I like it, and the Q3 2022 update.
SVoD services, initially branded as Tech are increasingly starting to look more like media companies. Its not tech anymore, more like tech enabled TV.